Does the Son Doong cave have its own climate?

What was the ecosystem of the Son Doong cave?

Unearth an ecosystem like no other

Like other caves, Son Doong developed over millions of years. But unlike other caves, Son Doong houses two tropical forests wrapped by deep rivers and pools, resulting in an ecosystem unlike anywhere else.

Can there be clouds in caves?

It is quite common to see cave walls covered by a film of water , to find droplets on the surfaces of objects left underground for some time, to see some haze in large halls and aerosols in the air: all these phenomena are possible if and only if the water vapour pressure is above equilibrium.

Can caves have clouds?

The cave system discovered is not the only one with clouds inside, as humidity rises inside the caverns into colder air to form clouds inside the giant, enclosed spaces.

What is a cave ecosystem?

Cave ecosystems are characterized by lack of light and, as a result, dependence on connectivity to the surface or internal microbial production for energy supply. Caves are actually part of a larger karst ecosystem that is the entire drainage basin through which moves water, energy and matter.

How did the rainforest grow inside the Son Doong cave?

The caves of Hang son Doong were created by water percolating down from the rainforest above and carving the rock. In a part of the cave the roof has collapsed and a rainforest has grown inside the cave – an example of the plant kingdom’s remarkable ability to colonise wherever there is light.

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How was the Son Doong cave formed?

Hang Son Doong was formed by an allogenic river sinking along a straight subvertical fault. The cave is formed largely within a brecciated fault zone that extends up to 100 m wide. … The cave is punctuated by two collapse dolines, one of which impedes discharge today.

Is Cave of the Mounds open when it rains?

Cave of the Mounds is open rain or shine! … It is open in the rain. Most activities are inside and out of the rain.

How do caves flood?

Water circulation

The water of the underground streams flows in the same way as those on the surface, and similarly they are subjected to floods caused by rainfalls on the surface (in caves, floods arrive with a certain delay in time, due to slow seeping in the catchement zone).