Frequent question: Can you wear leggings to a temple in Thailand?

What should you not wear in temples in Thailand?

Ensure your clothes cover your shoulders and waist (scarves or shawls worn over sleeveless tops are not permitted). Trousers must be ankle-length, and skirts below the knee. It is also not permitted to wear ripped, torn or see-through clothes or items that are very tight fitting such as yoga pants or leggings.

What should you not wear to a temple?

It’s also appropriate for women to wear long pants. Wear something that is loose enough for you to comfortably sit cross-legged in. Men should wear business-casual clothing, such as slacks and a button-down shirt. Avoid wearing animal skin of any kind; this could be offensive to practicing Hindus.

What is considered inappropriate attire when visiting a temple?

It is very important to dress appropriately, which means respectfully and modestly. Shorts, T-shirts, tight pants/leggings, bare shoulders, and any overly casual clothing should be completely avoided. Loose fitting jeans are OK if you have a nice top/shirt, but not ideal. Inappropriate clothing is a sign of disrespect.

What do you wear to a temple?

Even if the weather is hot, temples do not allow visitors who wear these clothes. The general rule is to make sure your shoulders and lower part of the chest are covered. If it is sunny during your visit, you might want to wear a light shirt or blouse but not see-through. Avoid sweaters with holes too.

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Can I wear sleeveless to temple?

7 answers. Yes, there is a dress code to abide by when entering the temple: Please wear appropriate attire to show respect; no bare backs, off-shoulders, shorts, mini-skirts, sleeveless, see-through clothings, etc. … Knee length shorts and skirts are ok.

Can I wear black in temple?

Indians generally prefer to avoid black during any auspicious occassion such as a Pooja or any festivals. … The colour Black is not completely inauspicious during festivals because there are certain rituals, wherein people are required to wear the colour black. When visiting Shani Shinganapur, a Shani Temple.

Can I wear skirt to temple?

The temple says women should not wear modern outfits – jeans, skirts, mini-skirts, shorts and sleeveless tops. … As per the dress code, women devotees should wear saris with blouses or churidar with proper dupattas.

How do Buddhists dress for temples?


  1. Wear. long pants and sleeves. The Washable Silk Wrap Top from Everlane. Shop Now. Most temples require modest dress, which. includes covering at least your legs and shoulders. …
  2. Remove. your shoes and hat. Soludos Braided Slide Sandals. Shop Now. It’s pretty common to take off your. …
  3. Bow your head.

Can you take pictures inside Buddhist temple?

Frankly speaking, interior Buddhist image shots usually don’t make for great photographs, beyond simply documenting that a particular statue or painting is located within a certain building. However, if one chooses to take such a photograph, be discreet and do it quickly, from just outside the doorway.

Does Temple University have a dress code?

Do Not Wear

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Jeans or casual sundresses, clothing with holes or rips, or athletic clothing or sneakers. Clothing too tight or revealing. Clothing with holes or rips, wrinkled, inappropriate images, athletic clothing or sneakers.