Frequent question: How many Myanmar speak English?

Is English widely spoken in Burma?

The most popular among them is the Burmese which is spoken by two-thirds of the country’s population. English is a popular foreign language in the country.

Are Myanmar good at English?

Myanmar is ranked 82 out of 88 countries in English proficiency ranking for non-native speakers, according to a survey by the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI). It is the first time the country appeared on the annual index, which has been published for the eighth consecutive year.

What percent of Myanmar speaks Burmese?

Burmese is the official and most widely spoken language in Myanmar. Spoken by about 70 percent of the population, it is Tibeto-Burmese language, a subfamily of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages language, which also includes Kachin, Chin and several tribal languages spoekn in the Myanmar-China border region.

Why English is important in Myanmar?

Defining development of English as an international language in Myanmar has four criteria (Brutt-‐ Griffler, 2002). First, English is widely used as a communication tool for connection with the world market and business community, as well as for a global scientific, cultural, and intellectual presence.

What is Myanmar English?

Origin and history of the name. In 1989, the military junta officially changed the English version of its name from Burma to Myanmar. It also made a new name in English for places in the country, such as its former capital city, from Rangoon to Yangon.

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How difficult is Burmese language?

The fast answer is that Burmese is pretty hard. The slow answer will take some time to unpack. Vocabulary – Burmese has a lot of loans words from English so this can help speed up your language learning. Grammar – The grammar is subject-object-verb unlike English which therefore takes some getting used to.