Frequent question: Is Nadao Bangkok under GMM Grammy?

Why did Patrick leave GMMTV?

Patrick on the other hand, left GMMTV and Thailand to pursue his idol career in China by joining Chuang 2021 (PD101 S4) as one of Thailand’s representatives with Nine Kornchid. His last project under GMMTV was The Gifted Graduation.

What is the difference between GMMTV and GMM25?

GMMTV is producer for every Channel .. TV and social media online They have 2 TV channel 1. GMM25 Channel 2. One31 Channel Radio : EFM 94 and other..

Is Wjmild under GMMTV?

It’s because Mild is no longer under GMMTV, she is already a freelancer. …

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