Has the elephant arrived in Cambodia?

Is the elephant in Cambodia yet?

Following years of public outcry and campaigning by Oscar-winning American singer and actor Cher, Kaavan the elephant has landed in Cambodia from Pakistan to start a new life in a local sanctuary.

Has Kaavan the elephant been moved?

After more than 30 years in a zoo in Pakistan, Kaavan the elephant was finally moved to a sanctuary in Cambodia. Many activists rallied behind his cause, including an American pop star.

Has Kaavan arrived in Cambodia?

After Arriving in Cambodia, Kaavan No Longer World’s ‘Loneliest’ Elephant. An Asian elephant dubbed the “world’s loneliest” has encountered another of his species for the first time in eight years after having been flown to a Cambodian wildlife sanctuary from years of abusive captivity in a Pakistan zoo.

Where is the elephant that Cher saved?

In ‘Cher & The Loneliest Elephant’ Cher Saves An Elephant In A Pakistan Zoo When the pop star got involved in saving an elephant in an Islamabad zoo, detailed in a new documentary, she also had to fight an uncomfortable feeling: “I kept saying, “‘I’m just an entertainer.

Has Kavaan reached Cambodia?

‘World’s loneliest elephant’ finally set for better days moved to Cambodian sanctuary. … The 36-year-old, 9,000-pound elephant received a warm welcome on arrival in Cambodia from officials, conservationists and the Buddhist monks, who chanted prayers for his harmony and prosperity.

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