How can I send money through Xoom Philippines?

Is Xoom available in the Philippines?

Xoom offers Door to Door Delivery so your recipient never has to leave home. Our service is for peso delivery only and is offered at no additional delivery fee. Enjoy fast service to Metro Manila in 6 hours or less if sent before 3 p.m., and 1 to 2 days to most provinces.

What information do I need to send money through Xoom?

What do you need to send money through Xoom?

  1. Amount to be sent and currency it will be converted to.
  2. A valid payment method — credit card, debit card or bank account.
  3. The recipient’s name, address and bank name and account number.
  4. Your phone number and address.

How do I claim Xoom in cebuana?

How to send money from Xoom to Cebuana Lhuillier?

  1. Go to Xoom’s My Account page and click the Quick Send button on the sidebar menu.
  2. Select Philippines when asked where you want to send your money.
  3. Input the amount you will send.
  4. Select “cash pick up” when asked how you want your money to be received.
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What is the best way to send money to the Philippines?

Xoom, a Paypal service is the fastest and the most secure way to send money to the Philippines. It takes only up to an hour to complete a Cash Pickup and 4 hours for Bank Deposits. You can pay using your credit card, debit card, or bank account.

Can I claim Xoom in Mlhuillier?

Yes, Xoom offers 24/7 cash pickup services in the Philippines. … Lhuillier (ML Kwarta Padala) offer Xoom cash pickup locations open 24/7 for your recipient’s convenience.

What is the difference between PayPal and Xoom?

Comparing Fees Between MoneyGram, PayPal, and Xoom

As a rule of thumb, PayPal is the best option to transfer money between bank accounts, MoneyGram or Xoom are usually cheaper for transferring money from a sender’s debit or credit card to a recipient’s bank account, and MoneyGram has no fee for international transfers.

Is PayPal connected to Xoom?

Xoom is a PayPal service

Simply log in with PayPal to send money with Xoom. Your payment methods are automatically available and your recipients don’t need a PayPal account.

Why does Xoom need bank statements?

Verifying documents such as a photo ID or proof of address is an important part of protecting our customers. It helps us confirm your identity and lets us know that it’s safe to send your money around the world.

How do I claim international remittance in cebuana?

International Remittance

  1. Visit any of Cebuana Lhuillier’s international partners and fill out the send form.
  2. Submit the accomplished form along with a valid ID.
  3. Give the total amount to be paid to the branch personnel.
  4. Secure the official receipt or any proof of remittance.
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How do I receive money from Xoom?

How Does It Work?

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Select money transfer options, including the recipient’s name and country, amount and delivery method (bank deposit, cash pickup, or door-to-door delivery).
  3. Enter the recipient’s information, including his/her full name, address, bank name, and account number.

How do I claim money from Xoom Philippines?

Peso transactions can be picked up at Banco de Oro (BDO), Metrobank, Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, MLhuillier, SM Malls and rural banks. U.S. dollar transactions can be picked up at Banco de Oro (BDO), Metrobank, MLhuillier, SM Malls, and select Cebuana Lhuillier locations.