How did the US respond to the partition of Vietnam?

How did Americans respond to Vietnam?

The US supported the strong anti-communist Ngo Dinh Diem and sent many troops to combat the north. … U.S. objective in Vietnam. America feared that if a communist government was established Vietnam then the surrounding nations would become communist.

How did the US respond to the independence movement in Vietnam?

How did the United States respond to the independence movement in Vietnam? allowed for the president to send combat troops to Vietnam. What was the intention of the War Powers Resolution? ​All of these are correct.

Why did the US support the division of Vietnam?

China had become communist in 1949 and communists were in control of North Vietnam. The USA was afraid that communism would spread to South Vietnam and then the rest of Asia. It decided to send money, supplies and military advisers to help the South Vietnamese Government.

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How did the USA feel about the Vietnam War?

Only a small percentage of Americans believed their government was evil or sympathized with the Viet Cong. But many began to feel it was time to cut losses. Even the iconic CBS newscaster Walter Cronkite questioned aloud the efficacy of pursuing the war.

How did students in the US respond to the Vietnam War?

Student groups held protests and demonstrations, burned draft cards, and chanted slogans like “Hey, hey LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” Massive US spending on the war effort contributed to skyrocketing deficits and deteriorating economic conditions at home, which turned more segments of the American public, …

What was one result of the Vietnam War for the United States?

When the Vietnam War ended, North Vietnam won the war. Vietnam was united as one country under Communist rule. … The United States had no relations with the new country when the war ended. Another result of the Vietnam War was the government lost credibility in the eyes of the American people.

Why did the United States intervene in Vietnam 1961 1971?

The main purpose of the exercise was to define the movement “as an alien, subversive force” in the public mind. Just as Vietnamese resistance fighters were labeled an alien, subversive force in their own land, so American protesters were deemed a subversive force in the United States.

Why did the United States support South Vietnam apex?

The United States supported a change in South Vietnamese leadership because the United States saw that Ngo Dinh Diem was alienating South Vietnamese citizens. He wanted South Vietnam to be more responsible in the war affairs. The US troops would have more participation in training the South Vietnamese soldiers.

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Do you think US involvement in Vietnam was justified Why or why not?

The US justified its military intervention in Vietnam by the domino theory, which stated that if one country fell under the influence of Communism, the surrounding countries would inevitably follow. The aim was to prevent Communist domination of South-East Asia.

Who did the US later support in the war South Vietnam or North Vietnam Why?

The holiday involves little explicit reflection on the country’s 15-year-plus conflict, in which North Vietnam and its supporters in the South fought to unify the country under communism, and the U.S. intervened on behalf of South Vietnam’s anti-communist government.