How do I get an import license for Cambodia?

How do I import goods into Cambodia?

Businesses importing into Cambodia must provide the following documents when their goods arrive:

  1. Customs Import Declaration;
  2. Commercial Invoice;
  3. Packing List;
  4. Road Transport Document (if arriving by land);
  5. Bill of Lading (if arriving by sea);
  6. Import Permit;
  7. Insurance Certificate;
  8. Tax Certificate;

How do I become a licensed importer?

Congress has delegated the specific regulation of imports and exports to the Department of Commerce.

  1. Obtain Your CIN. You’ll need a company identification number, or CIN. …
  2. Research Export Controls. …
  3. Apply for an Export License. …
  4. Apply for Import Licenses. …
  5. Contact Appropriate Agencies.

What documents are required for import?

The below following are documents for Import of Goods.

  • Bill of Entry.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Packing List.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • Foreign Exchange Control Form (Form A-1)
  • Terminal Handling Receipt.
  • Certified Engineer’s Report.
  • Cargo Release Order.

What is best trader in Cambodia customs practice?

Best Traders

  • be ranked 1st in the Trade Credibility Management System (TCMS) at the time of application;
  • be a legal person with not less than 1 billion KHR registered capital;
  • never have committed serious customs offences within the past three years from the date of application;

What is special tax Cambodia?

Specific tax on certain merchandise and services (SPT)

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SPT is a form of excise tax that applies to the importation or domestic production and supply of certain goods and services. SPT on domestically produced goods is generally applied to the SPT base, which is 90% of the invoice price before VAT and SPT itself.

How do I become an FDA importer registered?

Importers can register with the FDA at their website. Food facilities in both the US and the exporting country can also register at the corresponding page on the FDA website. Once you have registered, you will be given a seven-digit identifier. This code will be required for FDA Prior Notice.

How do I get an import Licence in Australia?

If your commodities require an import permit, the permit must be granted before the goods arrive in Australia. Importers must ensure that permits are applied for well in advance of the expected landing date of their consignment. You can apply for an import permit through BICON once registered as a user.

How can I get import export license?

Steps Involved in IEC (Import/Export Code) Registration

  1. Step 1: Application Form. First, you need to prepare an application form in the specified format – Aayaat Niryaat Form ANF-2A format and file it with the respective Regional office of DGFT.
  2. Step 2: Documents. …
  3. Step 3: Filing Application. …
  4. Step 4: IEC Code.

What foods does Cambodia import?

Cambodia – Food imports as a share of merchandise imports

Food comprises the commodities in SITC sections 0 (food and live animals), 1 (beverages and tobacco), and 4 (animal and vegetable oils and fats) and SITC division 22 (oil seeds, oil nuts, and oil kernels).

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