How do I pay my Shopee in Malaysia?

Is Shopee pay available in Malaysia?

Shopee Malaysia has announced ShopeePay, its own e-wallet for use on its e-commerce platform. Formerly known as Shopee Wallet, its features have been expanded – though ShopeePay can only be used within Shopee. ShopeePay is primarily designed as a means to enable instant payment for any purchase on Shopee.

How do I pay my Shopee order?


  1. Pay via ShopeePay on Shopee. …
  2. Tap the Payment Option > Select ShopeePay > CONFIRM > Place Order > fill in your ShopeePay PIN number > Ok.
  3. If you haven’t activated your ShopeePay account, select Activate Now on the Payment Method page.

How do I pay with Maybank Shopee?

Click on the “Link Bank Account Now” below to login Maybank2u. Setup Payment Access for Shopee: Select a Bank Account to be linked. Choose how long you’d link your account to Shopee (3,,6 or 12 months)

Where can I use ShopeePay in Malaysia?

Malaysians can now use ShopeePay with DuitNow QR

  • Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad.
  • AmBank Malaysia Berhad.
  • Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad.
  • Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad.
  • CIMB Bank Berhad.
  • Citibank Berhad.
  • Hong Leong Bank.
  • HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad.
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How do I apply for Shopee pay in Malaysia?


  1. Go to “Me” and click on ShopeePay to activate your ShopeePay account.
  2. Tap on “Set up ShopeePay” to start setting up your ShopeePay account.
  3. A verification code will then be sent to your Shopee registered phone number. …
  4. After the verification process, you will be prompted to create a ShopeePay PIN.

Can I pay cash on delivery on Shopee?

Cash on delivery is Shopee’s new payment method aimed to provide buyers with an additional payment option that is convenient and reassuring. … To select the ‘Standard Delivery’ with ‘COD is supported’ shipping option and click on the Payment Option section to select the “Cash on Delivery” payment method.

How do I pay with GCash in Shopee?

Step 1: After checkout, tap Payment Option and select Payment Center/e-Wallet as a payment method. Step 2: Select GCash and tap Confirm, then tap Place Order in Checkout. Step 3: Verify your email, and tap Pay. Step 4: Log in to your GCash account, enter the verification code, and tap Pay.

How do I pay my Shopee with GCash?

In this post, we’ll show you how to top up your ShopeePay account with GCash.

  1. Go to ShopeePay.
  2. Click TOP UP and enter the amount.
  3. Choose a Payment Method.
  4. Verify your email.
  5. Log in your GCash.
  6. Click CONFIRM & PAY.

How do you pay by online banking on Shopee?

Choose a product to purchase > Click on ‘Check out’ (in Shopping Cart) or ‘Buy Now’ in product page > Select Payment Option > Select Online Banking > And choose from the list of banks available. Once done, you then will be redirected to Online Banking page to login to your selected bank to complete your transaction.

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How do I pay with m2u?

How to pay bills?

  1. Login with your Maybank2u access.
  2. Go to ‘Pay & Transfer’
  3. Select ‘Pay’ tab.
  4. Type to search for the Payee.
  5. Fill in your bill details and select ‘Pay’
  6. Request for ‘Secure Verification’ or ‘SMS TAC’
  7. Select ‘Confirm’ to complete payment.

How do I change my payment method on Shopee?

To change your payment method go to the Me tab > To Pay > select the relevant order > Change Payment Method > select available payment method. Once you have selected cash on delivery as your payment method and placed an order, you will not be able to change your payment method.