How do I subscribe to Disney in Malaysia?

How do I subscribe to Disney plus in Malaysia?

How Do I Sign up for Disney Plus Malaysia?

  1. You can sign up on the official website of Disney+ Hotstar MY.
  2. Another option is signing up on the official apps of Disney Plus (both iOS and Android.)
  3. An additional way is adding Disney+ Hotstar pack to your Astro Movies Pack subscription (For both new and existing customers.)

How can I get Disney+ in Malaysia?

Customers not on the Movies Pack can also subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar on Starter Plus Pack and Value Plus Pack at RM68.82 andRM87.50 respectively. Alternatively, customers can add on Disney+ Hotstar forRM54.90 for a 3-month pass. You can subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar via

Is Disney plus available in Malaysia?

Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia will be available for streaming from 1st of June 2021 and is officially priced at RM54. 90 for 3 months (RM18. 30 per month).

How do I subscribe to Disney outside of us?

Using a Google Play Account to Sign Up to Disney Plus

  1. Select a server from the US and connect to your VPN.
  2. Sign up for a new Google Play Store account without logging in.
  3. Purchase a gift card from the Play Store for your Disney Plus subscription.
  4. Redeem the card on Play Store.
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How do I pay Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia?

You can register via the Hotstar website or through the Disney+ Hotstar app. You can pay via credit (Visa, Mastercard and AMEX) or debit card. It also allows you to pay via online banking through FPX which supports 17 banks. The subscription will be charged on a quarterly basis.

How do I subscribe to Disney Plus?

You simply head over to their official website and sign up with your email and credit card information. The price for Disney Plus is $6.99 a month, or you can pay $69.99 a year. If you sign up for the yearly plan, that’s a discount of about $1 a month—or around $12 cheaper than paying month-to-month for a year.

Is Disney Plus available on PS4 Malaysia?

Is Disney Plus available on PS4? Yes, Disney Plus is available on PS4. We have shared the easy steps to watch Disney Plus on your PS4 so that you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies. It is also available on other devices and platforms such as Android, iOS, Roku, Xbox, and more.

Can I use my Disney Plus account in another country?

Yes, you can use your Disney+ account abroad or can share it with friends overseas. However, to stream the service in unsupported nations you still need to bundle Disney+ and VPN.

How do I install Disney Plus on my LG Smart TV in Malaysia?

Ensure that the TV is connected to the Internet. Press the HOME menu, then select the LG Content Store. Browse to the Search box on the LG Content Store to find a new app. Type in “Disney Plus“.

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Is Disney plus available in Asia?

The company only launched Disney+, its flagship streaming service, in late 2019, but it has impressed analysts and investors so far. The platform currently has more than 116 million subscribers across 61 markets around the world, including eight in the Asia Pacific region, such as India, Australia and New Zealand.

Is Disney Hotstar free in Malaysia?

Direct subscribers can access Disney+ Hotstar in Malaysia at RM54. … Astro TV subscribers can add on a Disney+ Hotstar package to their existing Movies Pack subscriptions for an additional cost of just RM5. 00 per month.

Where is Disney plus available?

Disney+ was launched on November 12, 2019, in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands, and expanded to Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico a week later.


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Registration Required
Users 116.0 million (as of July 3, 2021)
Launched November 12, 2019