How do you say Friday in Cambodian?

How do you say Sunday in Cambodian?

Terms in this set (7)

  1. Monday. th*’nga-ee chan.
  2. Tuesday. th*’nga-ee awngkee-uh.
  3. Wednesday. th*’nga-ee put.
  4. Thursday. th*’nga-ee prohu-uhH.
  5. Friday. th*’nga-ee sok.
  6. Saturday. th*’nga-ee saoo.
  7. Sunday. th*’nga-ee âtit.

What does Sok mean in Khmer?

“I’m fine, thanks” in Khmer -> knhom sok sabay te, arw-kun. The two words “sok sabay” can also be used alone as an answer. “sok” means “healthy” and “sabay” can be translated as “good”.

What is the Khmer greeting?

The formal greeting in Khmer is “Choum reap sor” and should be said while sampeahing. (The more informal “Susaday” is reserved for casual situations and does not involve a sampeah.) “Choum reap lear” is the formal good-bye.

What does Krong mean in Khmer?

krong (town): More than 10,000 citizens – or a provincial capital.

What is good day Cambodia?

Greetings In Khmer

Khmer Pronunciation English Translation
អរុណសួស្ ah-roeun-sour-sdei Good morning
ទិវាសួស្ tiveah-sour-sdei Good afternoon
សាយ័ណសួរស្តី sayon-sour-sdei Good evening
រាត្រីសួរស្ reatrei-sour-sdei Good night

How do Cambodia greet?

Cambodians traditionally greet each other with palms together, in a manner of prayer. They lift up their hands to the chest level and bow slightly. … When meeting, Cambodians will Som Pas and say Choum Reap Sur (Hello). When departing, again they will Som Pas and say Choum Reap Lir(Goodbye).

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