How is Indonesia affected by sea level rise?

How is Jakarta affected by sea level rise?

With global temperatures rising and ice sheets melting, plenty of coastal cities face a growing risk of flooding due to sea level rise. … Since the city’s early days, flooding has been a problem because Jakarta is situated along several low-lying rivers that swell during the monsoon season.

How will climate change affect Indonesia?

Global climate change influences the economic performance of all countries, and Indonesia is no exception. Under climate change, Indonesia is predicted to experience temperature increases of approximately 0.8°C by 2030. … Decreasing output of paddy and rice will adversely affect the country’s food security.

What is the sea level of Indonesia?

Geography of Indonesia

Continent Asia
Highest point Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid) 4,884 m (16,024 ft)
Lowest point Sea level 0 m (0 ft)
Longest river Kapuas River 1,143 km (710 mi)
Largest lake Lake Toba 1,130 km2 (436 sq mi)

Is Indonesia vulnerable to climate change?

Indonesia is vulnerable to climate change due to its high population density – especially in coastal areas, and strong dependence on natural resources for income generation and consumption.

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What do you think has had the biggest negative impact on the environment in Indonesia?

Issues include large-scale deforestation (much of it illegal) and related wildfires causing heavy smog over parts of western Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore; over-exploitation of marine resources; and environmental problems associated with rapid urbanisation and economic development, including air pollution, traffic …

How is the climate in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s climate is largely hot and humid, with rainfall occurring mostly in low-lying areas and mountainous regions experiencing cooler temperatures. The cities of Jakarta, Ujung Padang, Medan, Padang, and Balikpapan have an average minimum temperature of 22.8°C and a high of 30.2°C.

What are the environmental changes occurring on the coast of Indonesia?

Massive coral bleaching and warming sea-surface temperatures can lead to widespread loss of coral reefs, and substantial loss of biodiversity, including the fish that many Indonesians rely on for food and livelihoods.

Why are Indonesian sea levels rising?

Sea level

Global warming as a result of the effects of greenhouse gases, have an impact on rise in sea levels. IPCC (2007) reported that the sea level has risen by an average of 2.5 millimeters annually. As an archipelago country with over 80.000 kilometers of coastlines, Indonesia is very vulnerable to sea level rise.

What is Jakarta doing to stop sinking?

In the medium to long term, a combined strategy of employing groundwater management systems as used by other major cities; improving water storage in the form of small dams and weirs in the catchment areas as suggested above; more efficient water infrastructure to prevent leaks; and utilising green initiatives such as

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