How many deputy prime ministers does Cambodia have?

How many deputy prime ministers are there?

The office has since been only intermittently occupied, having been occupied for a little more than 10 years out of the 73 years since its inception. Since 1947 India has had 7 deputy prime ministers, of which none having at least one full term.

How many deputy ministers are there?

Currently, 14 out of the 28 states and 1 out of the 8 union territories have deputy chief ministers. Out of these 15 states and union territories, Andhra Pradesh has five deputy chief ministers, while Bihar, Goa, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh have two deputy chief ministers each.

How many prime ministers are there in Cambodia?

Since 1945, 36 individuals have served as prime minister; 32 as official prime ministers, and 4 in acting capacities. Hun Sen, of the Cambodian People’s Party, has been the incumbent prime minister since 1985.

Who is the current Deputy Prime Minister UK?

The office is currently held by Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor, since 15 September 2021. Raab had served as First Secretary of State for two years prior to his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister.

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What is the name of the deputy prime minister of Australia?

Michael McCormack (Australian politician)

The Honourable Michael McCormack MP
Preceded by Kay Hull
Personal details
Born Michael Francis McCormack 2 August 1964 Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
Political party National

Who are called deputy ministers?

Deputy minister is a title borne by politicians or officials in certain countries governed under a parliamentary system. In some countries a “Deputy minister” is a junior minister, who is assigned to assist a specific cabinet minister.

What is the difference between a minister and a deputy minister?

A deputy minister has responsibility for a department’s day-to-day operations, budget, and program development. … The deputy minister is the functional head of the department in question, while the minister is the department’s political master.

Who is the deputy minister in South Africa?

Mr Njabulo Nzuza is the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of South Africa. He was appointed on 30 May 2019.

Who is the PM of Cambodia?

What is the Prime Minister of Cambodia called?

Hun Sen (/hʊn sɛn/; Khmer: ហ៊ុន សែន, Khmer pronunciation: [hun saen]; born 5 August 1952) is a Cambodian politician and former military commander who has served as the prime minister of Cambodia since 1985. He is the longest-serving head of government of Cambodia, and one of the longest-serving leaders in the world.