How many municipalities does the Philippines has in 2021?

How many provinces does the Philippines have in 2021?

The country is divided into three geographical areas: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It has 18 regions, 81 provinces, 145 cities, 1,489 municipalities, and 42,029 barangays.

How many cities and municipalities are there in the Philippines?

As of September 7, 2019, there are 146 cities (33 highly urbanized, 5 independent component, 108 component) and 1,488 municipalities encompassing the country.

How many cities are there in the Philippines in 2020?

In 2020, the Philippines had 17 administrative regions, 33 highly urbanized cities (HUCs), 108 component cities, five independent component cities, and 1,488 municipalities.

How many municipalities are there in the Philippines in 2021?

There are also a total of 82 provinces in the country and 1,493 municipalities that contribute to the country’s population, which is one of the highest in the world. It’s likely that these numbers may change over the years, as the newest city of the Philippines, General Trias, was named a city at the end of 2015.

How are municipalities classified in the Philippines?

(1) Each municipality shall be classified according to its population, as provided in this section. (2) (a) A municipality with a population of 100,000 or more is a city of the first class. (b) A municipality with a population of 65,000 or more but less than 100,000 is a city of the second class.

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How many islands does the Philippines have in 2021?

The Philippines is an archipelago that comprises 7,641 islands with a total land area of 300,000 square kilometers (115,831 sq mi). It is the world’s 5th largest island country.

What is the 16th province of the Philippines?


ISO Province Island group
PH-BUK Bukidnon Mindanao
PH-BUL Bulacan Luzon
PH-CAG Cagayan Luzon

What is the difference between a municipality and a city?

The term municipality may also mean the governing or ruling body of a given municipality. The collective body of citizens, or inhabitants of a city. … A city is a large human settlement.