How many people are using Instagram in Malaysia?

What is the most popular social media in Malaysia?

Most active social media platform in Malaysia:

  • Youtube 93%
  • Whatsap 91%
  • Facebook 91%
  • Instagram 70%
  • FB Messenger 64%
  • WeChat 47%
  • Twitter 44%
  • LinkedIn 29%

How can I become Instagram famous in Malaysia?

Tips on How to Be Insta-Famous

  1. Choose a theme and a catchy name. Are you a food hunter? …
  2. Filters and other photo editing apps with creative captions and using the right hashtags # Use filters and other photo editing apps to turn your photos and videos into a great piece. …
  3. Share your Instagram stories for daily updates.

Is TikTok popular in Malaysia?

Today, there are a whopping 4 million users that are on TikTok in Malaysia, that of which the 41% of the audiences and creators themselves are mostly teenagers to young adults. … Though it’s not doubted older creators and audiences are on TikTok, the main audience here is the younger generation.

What age use social media the most in Malaysia?

Mahadi (2013) explained, the highest users of social media in Malaysia are youth aged 18-24 (34.5%), followed by those in 25-34 (29.5%) and 13-17 (16.3%).

How many TikTok accounts are there 2020?

TikTok annual users

Year Users
2018 133 million
2019 381 million
2020 700 million
2021 1 billion
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