How much is the bus in Bangkok?

How much is transportation in Bangkok?

The average cost of a one-way trip is usually a dollar or less. A one-day pass for 24 hours of unlimited rides costs 140 baht (around $4.50). Ticketing: The BTS uses ticket cards available from machines (many only accept coins) or the ticketing window (if it’s open).

How much does public transportation cost in Thailand?

Transportation in Thailand is very affordable. Inexpensive buses, taxis and trains make it easy to get around within Thailand’s cities and to travel between different parts of the country. Daily commuting costs for most people are only $1.00-$2.00USD per day.

What is the cheapest transportation in Thailand?

Bangkok BTS Skytrain

This mode of transportation in Thailand is one of the most affordable and fastest means because you beat traffic.

How do you get around in Bangkok?

The best way to get around Bangkok is by Skytrain or Metro, which is fast, affordable and easily navigable for visitors. The city also offers an extensive network of buses, but these are prone to traffic jams, which the city is notorious for. Taxis are fairly cheap, but again, gridlock is a regular issue.

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How much does the Skytrain cost in Bangkok?

Right now, riding the Skytrain costs from 16 Thai baht (£0.37) for a single ticket to travel one station, up to 59 baht (£1.38) to take in the whole system. A one-day ticket for unlimited travel costs 140 baht (£3.26).

How much should tuk-tuks cost in Bangkok?

Most tuk tuks will start charging at about 40-50THB for a short ride, but expect this to be a little higher in really touristy areas. A tuk tuk ride is a really great way to see the sights in Bangkok and the experience you get will definitely be worth it!

How much does it cost to ride the bus in Thailand?

Regular buses cost around 8 baht, while the expressway buses cost from 10 baht. Air-conditioned buses (cream-blue) start from 12 baht (depending on the distance traveled). All-night buses (cream-red) are about 9.50 baht.

Does Thailand have a good public transportation?

There is a good network of buses and trains in Thailand. Those running between major cities are quite comfortable.

How much does it cost to travel around Thailand?

I love traveling Thailand because it’s cheap and backpacking around Thailand usually costs $30–35 USD per day, depending on how much alcohol you consume and how many days you spend on the islands, where costs are higher.