How much is the fare from KL to Manila?

Is there a direct flight from Malaysia to Philippines?

A direct flight from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Manila (MNL) takes around 3 hours and 50 minutes, covering a distance of 2,491 km. … Manila is the heavily-populated capital of the Philippines and is home to many interesting locations.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Manila?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Manila

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Manila is September.

Can you fly from Malaysia to Philippines?

It takes approximately 4h 33m to get from Malaysia to Philippines, including transfers. … Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, AirAsia Philippines and three other airlines offer flights from Kuala Lumpur Airport to Manila Airport.

What month is the cheapest time to fly to Philippines?

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to the Philippines is March.

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday?

When do flight prices drop during the week? According to our data: Tuesday. It seems most airlines launch their discounts on Monday nights, so you can pick up the best prices on Tuesday mornings. Typically, you’ll save somewhere between 15 and 25 percent.

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Can Malaysians enter Philippines now?

All Malaysian citizens can travel to the Philippines for up to 30 days without requiring a visa. … Malaysian travelers who know in advance that they will be visiting the Philippines for more than 30 days may avoid this fee by obtaining a relevant Philippine visa for Malaysians before their trip begins.

Who can travel to Philippines right now?

Foreign nationals who are holders of valid and existing 9(a) or Temporary Visitor’s Visas, provided they present, upon arrival, an EED issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), except for foreign spouses, parents, or children of Filipino citizens with valid 9(a) visas who are allowed entry to the Philippines …

Can I leave Malaysia now?

Effective October 11, 2021, fully vaccinated Malaysian citizens no longer need to apply for My Travel Pass approval to exit Malaysia. Please direct further questions to Malaysian Immigration. Note that quarantine requirements upon return, as discussed below, continue to apply to all travelers.