How much is the membership fee in S&R Philippines?

How much is the S&R Membership fee?

1 You need to apply for a membership card.

S&R Gold Membership Card fee = P700, +P400 per extension. Landers Premium Membership Card fee = P800, P400 per extension.

Can I shop at S&R without membership?

S&R Membership Shopping is available via this super convenient mobile application. They’ve categorized their new items, promos, and bestsellers for easy navigating. Just take note that there will be an added S&R Privilege Fee of 5% for non-members and an additional P180 for the Shopping Fee.

Do you need membership for S&R?

Here’s one way to shop at S&R even without a membership

Those with existing memberships to S&R are entitled to a 5% discount and other benefits. S&R has several locations inside and outside Metro Manila and is known to stock many imported items. A gold membership costs P700 for the first year.

How do I become a member of S&R Philippines?

Membership: Membership is available to all qualified individual 18 years of age and above. The applicant must submit two (2) valid identification cards or documents with photos. S&R Membership Shopping reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant and membership is revocable without notice or cause.

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How can I get S&R Membership?

To become our member, visit any S&R branch and apply! Gold Membership fee is 700 pesos with an option to add 1 supplementary card for 400 pesos. To sign-up, simply fill up our application form, present 2 valid IDs (per applicant), and have your photo taken at the Membership Counter.

Which is cheaper S&R or Landers?

On a weekday, I can honestly say that S&R has more customers and is busier with bulk shoppers. I see more full shopping carts in S&R than in Landers. Membership fee in Landers is cheaper now.

Can I borrow S&R membership card?

You Can Lend Your S&R Membership Card To Family Members During The Quarantine. … If you are, you’ll be glad to hear that you can use another family member’s S&R membership card to make your grocery run!

What does S&R Membership Shopping means?

S&R is a membership-shopping club modelled after the warehouse shopping chains introduced in the United States. The core concept of S&R is to deliver significant value to member-customers through an effective and efficient system anchored on aggressive buying, low-cost distribution and streamlined operations.

Can you eat at S&R without membership?

S&R Membership Cards are not needed at the upcoming S&R New York Style Pizza branch at Limketkai Mall in Cagayan de Oro. Just like in any other branches outside the S&R stores, pizza lovers can enjoy its famed pizza even without their membership cards.

What does S&R stand for?


Acronym Definition
S&R Security and Risk (various organizations)
S&R Service and Recovery (US Army)
S&R Step and Repeat
S&R Search & Rescue
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Does S&R have online shopping?

You can now shop online from S&R Supermarket using the MetroMart app, with or without membership! You read it right, members and non–members can now shop from S&R Supermarket online through the MetroMart app! … MetroMart is an app that delivers all your daily essentials.