Is fishing illegal in Thailand?

Which country has a problem with illegal fishing?

An index launched in February this year scores countries according to their degree of exposure to and quality of response towards illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. China received the worst score out of 152 coastal states assessed worldwide.

Is there such thing as illegal fishing?

Illegal fishing is a key driver of global overfishing, it threatens marine ecosystems, puts food security and regional stability at risk, and is linked to major human rights violations and even organized crime.

Is fishing in international waters illegal?

Is all IUU fishing a crime? No. While many IUU fishing activities are crimes—for example, fishing without a license or in a prohibited area—others are not (such as the unregulated high seas fishing discussed above). But other criminal conduct is often associated with unregulated activity.

Is it illegal to fish in international waters?

The fish catch in international waters outside the EEZ is regulated by the Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) and their member countries. The catch of highly migratory species, above all tuna, is also regulated by special RFMOs. …

What is illegal fishing in the Philippines?

(55) Illegal Fishing – means fishing activities conducted by Philippine fishing vessels operating in violation of Philippine laws, Regional Fisheries Management Organization resolutions, and laws of other coastal states.

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What happens if you get caught illegal fishing?

NSW DPI Fisheries Officers can issue fines from $500 for size and bag limit offences. Officers can also seize the fish as well as your fishing gear and equipment, possibly even your boat, trailer and car.