Is Kate Bishop Filipino?

What is Kate Bishop ethnicity?

Firstly, Kate Bishop isn’t depicted as Asian in the comics. In fact, her ethnicity isn’t referenced at all and the whole “Kate is Asian” thing most likely spawned from fans who assumed she is (or wish she is) due to the different art styles used over the years.

Is Kate Bishop Korean?

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Kate Bishop
Name(s) Katherine Bishop, Kate Bishop, Hawkeye
Date of Birth 26 February 1995
Species Human
Race/Ethnicity/etc Korean-American

Is Kate Bishop Lila Barton?

Although Hawkeye’s daughter does learn archery, she’s not the same person as Kate Bishop. Hawkeye’s daughter is named Lila Barton (played by Ava Russo), and it’s totally possible she’ll one day be an Avenger.

Is Kate Bishop The new Hawkeye?

Hailee Steinfeld is set to portray Bishop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series Hawkeye (2021) on Disney+.

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Kate Bishop Hawkeye
Abilities Highly skilled archer, fencer, swordswoman, martial artist, boxer, and other forms of combat Use of two battle staves, a sword, a bow, and trick arrows

Who is Hawkeye’s daughter?

In the MCU, Hawkeye’s daughter’s name is Lila Barton. We see her as a small child in the Avengers: Age of Ultron and in the aftermath of the Avengers: Infinity War, training her archery skills with her father. In the comics, Hawkeye has no children, only an unborn, deceased child.

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