Is Maya Beach Thailand closed?

When did Maya Beach close?

Coral setback

The bay has been closed since June 2018 part of a rejuvenation program aimed at reviving the area’s decimated corals. About 10,000 corals have been replanted around the Maya Bay area since last year.

What happened to Maya Bay Thailand?

Tourists trampled the vegetation, left litter on the beach and urinated in the sea. The ecological damage was so catastrophic that in June last year, the Thai authorities took the unprecedented step of closing Maya Bay to tourists.

Is Maya Bay open yet?

Is Maya Bay open to the public in 2021 as it had been expected? … One of things that may have really helped when Maya Bay closed was the COVID-19 travel restrictions to as tourism dropped. As it seems, the bay is still closed.

Is Maya Bay valuable in Thailand?

Maya Bay raked in around 400 million baht ($12.78 million USD) each year, making it a huge revenue stream for Thailand’s tourism-based economy.

In what month and year did Thailand close Maya Bay?

Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh island – made famous by the 2000 thriller The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio – was shut indefinitely last year because of severe damage caused by an increase in visitors. It was initially closed on 1 June for four months, but experts later decided that was not long enough.

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