Is mobile legends available in Vietnam?

In which countries is MLBB banned?

MLBB has been completely banned in India and users will not be able to download the application now from Android Play Store and Apple’ss App Store. MLBB’s developer team Moontoon took to their social media handles recently and posted a statement sharing that they are currently working with the Indian government.

Is ml banned in India?

MLBB has been banned completely in India, and users would not be able to download the application from the Android Play Store and the App Store of Apple. … However, MLBB is not available now on any of India’s app stores. Whereas the players who have downloaded the game already can no longer play it.

Is mobile legends popular in the world?

Player count

As of September 2021, Mobile Legends is still the undisputed most popular MOBA with a monthly average of 80 million players.

Is mobile legends popular in Korea?

League of Legends. … The game is very similar to DOTA 2 yet LoL is more popular in Korea because it came out first (2009 compared to 2013).

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