Question: Are there wet markets in the Philippines?

What is a wet market in the Philippines?

A wet market is an open marketplace with stalls of vegetables and other food items presented for sale. Many wet markets are found in China and the Philippines. The name is based on the fact that these informal market environments usually have wet floors.

How many markets are there in the Philippines?

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What is the meaning of the wet market?

A wet market is a market that sells perishable foods such as meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Wet markets can be found around the world, but are especially common in China and Southeast Asia. A market, of course, is an open place or closed building where goods and products are sold.

What is the difference between wet market and supermarket?

Wet markets offer delicious, fresh ingredients that the supermarket, with its packaged or processed food, cannot provide. For example, wet markets are the only places where you can get a live chicken. … Supermarkets have only unappetising frozen chickens on sale.

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