Question: How do I get from Manila to Zamboanga Sibugay?

How much is 2go ticket from Manila to Zamboanga?


Origin Destination Price
Manila Zamboanga City ₱1745+
Manila Zamboanga City ₱1795+
Manila Zamboanga City ₱2060+
Manila Zamboanga City ₱3198+

Is it allowed to travel to Zamboanga City?

The province of Zamboanga del Sur only requires in-bound travelers to present a Safe, Swift, and Smart Passage (S-PASS) while Zamboanga Sibugay requires a medical certificate, travel authority and valid identification card (ID).

How can I book 2GO cargo?

Book your packages or cargo online either using Day 136 services or containerized cargo. To book your cargo, please select the specific service and fill-up the form completely. Your booking will be sent to our Customer Service Representative who will confirm your booking information.

How can I book my car in 2GO Travel?

Step 1: Call our Customer Interaction Center and book your cargo. Step 2: Bring your vehicle to our Rolling Cargo Area in any of our ports of operations 48 hours before the vessel departure.

What is the requirements for travel to Zamboanga City?

Zamboanga Sibugay shall be placed under GCQ until October 31, 2021.


  • Travel Order.
  • Government ID.
  • Certificate of Attendance/Participation or any proof of transaction coming from that area.
  • Authentic Negative FDA-approved Rapid Antigen Test Result within 24 hours from time of swabbing.
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Is rapid test required for travel PaSS?

“If the LGU of destination requires a test, it shall only require a Reverse-Transcription – Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test and no other. Meaning, LGUs cannot require Antigen tests or rapid tests as test requirements prior to travel,” he said.

What are the requirements going to Manila from province?

Byaheng Manila Requirements

  • Flight Itinerary. Before traveling to Manila, you need to have your flight itinerary first. …
  • Brgy. Certification. …
  • Medical Certificate. Your medical certificate can be applied thru an approved clinic or thru your municipal health office. …
  • Travel Pass. …
  • Travel Authority. …
  • Traze Contact Tracing App.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Manila to Zamboanga City?

The best way to get from Manila to Zamboanga without a car is to car ferry which takes 45h 30m and costs ₱2,300 – ₱9,000.

How do I get from Manila to Zamboanga del Norte?

The quickest way to get from Manila to Zamboanga del Norte is to train and fly which costs ₱1,200 – ₱7,000 and takes 3h 38m. Is there a direct ferry between Manila and Zamboanga del Norte? Yes, there is a direct ferry departing from Manila and arriving at Zamboanga. Services depart once a week, and operate Monday.

Why you should visit Zamboanga Peninsula?

Known as the third-largest city in the Philippines, Zamboanga City takes pride in being the center of the commercial and industrial industry in the south. It is also known to have the most visible Spanish influence in the country which you can find in their language, food, and architecture.

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