Question: Is Indonesia close to Dubai?

Is Bali close to Dubai?

Distance from Dubai to Bali is 7,478 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 4,647 miles.

How many Indonesians are in Dubai?

Indonesians in the United Arab Emirates are Indonesian citizens who live and work in the United Arab Emirates. They are mostly concentrated in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As of 2012, their estimated population was 100,000.

How long is a flight to Bali from UK?

How long do flights to Bali take?

Departure airport Destination airport Average flight time
London Heathrow (LHR) Bali (DPS) 17 hours
Manchester (MAN) Bali (DPS) 17h 05m
Birmingham (BHX) Bali (DPS) 17h 15m
London Gatwick (LGW) Bali (DPS) 17h 45m

How can I get Indonesian visa from Dubai?

Required documents which should be submitted are as follow :

  1. Passport (with a minimum validity of 7 (seven) months from the date of entry into Indonesia) with blank pages to affix the visa sticker.
  2. One completed visa application form.
  3. Copy of your passport.
  4. Copy of your UAE resident visa.

Is Bali Open in 2021?

In September, officials announced that Bali will begin welcoming some international tourists from October 2021. From October 14, fully vaccinated travellers from 19 countries can enter Bali. … However most international airlines are yet to reinstate their direct-to-Bali routes.

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