Question: What is Singapore PSI now?

What is the air quality in Singapore now?

Central, Singapore Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)

Current Max
PM2.5 AQI 68 80
PM10 AQI 35 38
O3 AQI 2 25

How bad is Singapore air quality?

Singapore ranked as having the 52nd worst air pollution levels of the 98 countries with available data based on PM2.5 levels, and 44th worst of the 85 capital cities included.

What is the PSI level?

PSI stands for ‘Pollutant Standards Index‘. It is an index to provide accurate and easily understandable information about daily levels of air quality. PSI is computed based on 24-hour average of PM 2.5 concentration levels, among other pollutants. PM 2.5 is the dominant pollutant during haze episodes.

Where has the best air quality in the world?

Here are the top five major cities with the cleanest air in the world:

  • Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Halifax, Canada.
  • Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Brisbane, Australia.

Is there haze in Singapore?

Singapore last experienced haze in September 2019, with air quality entering unhealthy levels on some days then. There was no haze experienced in 2020, which was a La Nina year.

Why is the air so bad Singapore?

SINGAPORE – Air quality in Singapore hit unhealthy levels in the north over the weekend because of higher levels of a pollutant known as ozone, and not because of transboundary haze. … 5), sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide.

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What causes the haze in Singapore 2021?

Haze in Singapore 2021

These were due to hotspots in Johor and heightened levels of ozone, which can be influenced by ambient temperature, ultraviolet levels, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall.

What is healthy range of PSI?

24-hr PSI

PSI Value Air Quality Descriptor
0 – 50 Good
51 – 100 Moderate
101 – 200 Unhealthy
201 – 300 Very unhealthy