Question: What is the Cambodia National Costume tie?

How do you wear a Sampot?

Sampot Chang Kben

It is worn by wrapping the material around the waist and pulling away from the body. A knot is then drawn between the legs and held in place by a belt. In modern Cambodia, it is worn by women for special occasions.

What is Sampot Phamuong made from?

Sampot Phamuong

Phamuong refers to variations of traditional Khmer textiles made from silk. They are single colored and twill-woven. Phamuong Chorabap is a luxurious fabric woven with up to 22 needles. The most valued silk used to create the Phamuong is Cambodian yellow silk, known for its fine quality.

What is the use of sampot?

The silk sampot is used as an inheritance in every family, wedding, funerals, as well as for decoration in temples.

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