Question: Who were with Legaspi when he arrived in the Philippines?

WHO welcomed Magellan?

Magellan was welcomed by two Rajas, Kolambu and Siagu. He named the islands the Archipelago of San Lazaro, erected a cross and claimed the lands for Spain. The friendly Rajas took Magellan to Cebu to meet Raja Humabon. Humabon and 800 Cebuanos were baptized as Christians.

Who were with Legaspi when he arrived in the Philippines?

The first expedition to Manila in 1570 was led by Martin de Goiti and Legazpi’s 18-year old grandson, Juan de Salcedo. The latter would provide a glamorous, dashing figure to the Legazpi chapter in the Philippines. Rajah Soliman, chieftain of Manila, and Goiti entered into a blood compact.

Who was the king who offered a bit of his blood and demanded that Magellan do the same?

He also made a blood compact with Magellan, as a sign of friendship; according to Pigafetta, it was Humabon who had requested Magellan to kill his rival, Lapulapu, the datu or chieftain of nearby Mactan Island.

Who were the two Rajahs that Ferdinand Magellan befriended?

The following day, Magellan ordered his men to anchor their ships on the shores of Homonhon Island. There, Magellan befriended Rajah Kolambu and Rajah Siagu, king of Limasawa, who guided him to Cebu. There he met Rajah Humabon, the Rajah of Cebu.

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Do you agree that Magellan discovered the Philippines?

Ferdinand Magellan did not discover the Philippines. He merely landed on its shores on March 16, 1521. … The best way to describe Magellan and the members of the expedition is this: they are among the first Europeans to set foot in the Philippines.