Quick Answer: How can we preserve Philippine crocodile?

Why is it important to preserve Philippine crocodile?

3 Ecological values. Another often-heard reason to protect crocodiles in the wild is that these large predators play an important role in maintaining the productivity and diversity of wetland ecosystems on which people depend. … Crocodile droppings are nutritious for the fish and contain critically important chemicals.”

What are the government initiatives to protect people from crocodiles in Philippines?

Since 2004, both species are officially protected under Philippine law: the Wildlife Act (Republic Act 9147) prohibits the killing of crocodiles.

How can we protect Philippine Tamaraw?

Conservation approach

  1. Connecting organizations involved in Tamaraw conservation with other organizations and sources of funding.
  2. Connecting local institutional stakeholders with relevant international partners and experts.
  3. Promoting scientific work to better understand the ecology of the species and its habitat.

How does the crocodile benefit?

Because crocodiles can’t use dental floss, they get food stuck in their teeth. All that food rots their teeth and probably causes them some pain. … The plover gets a meal and the crocodile gets a valuable tooth cleaning: they both benefit.

What is crocodile conservation project?

The Indian Crocodile Conservation Project is one of the most successful conservation initiatives in the world. It has pulled back the once threatened crocodilians from the brink of extinction and placed them on a good path of recovery. The broad objectives of activities under crocodile project were.

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Do we have laws protecting the crocodiles in the Philippines?

The Philippine Crocodile is nationally protected by law since 2001 (Republic Act 9147: the Wildlife Act). Killing a Philippine Crocodile carries a minimum penalty of six years imprisonment and/or a fine of 100,000 Pesos (approx. $US2500).