What animals live in Indonesia forests?

Are there forests in Indonesia?

Forests of Indonesia are the third largest tropical forests in the world. Tropical forests are one of the greatest biodiversity hotspots on Earth. Indonesia is home to 10% to 15% of all known plants, mammals and birds on the planet.

What animal is Indonesia famous for?

The Official National Animal of Indonesia. The Komodo dragon, which holds the distinction of the largest species of lizards in the world, is the official animal of Indonesia. However, the national emblem of Indonesia actually contains a mythical bird called a Garuda.

How many native animals Does Indonesia have?

Other than that, 45% of the world fish live in Indonesia waters. Indonesia also becomes the habitat of endemic wildlife, wildlife which can only be found in Indonesia. There are 259 endemic mammals, 382 endemic birds, and 172 endemic amphibians (IUCN, 2011).

What are the native plants and animals to Indonesia?

Native Plants Of Indonesia

Native Plants of Indonesia Scientific Name
Rainbow Gum Eucalyptus Tree Eucalyptus deglupta
Melati Jasminum sambac
Anggrek Bulan Phalaenopsis amabilis
Padma Raksasa Rafflesia Rafflesia arnoldii

What is Indonesia’s national tree?

National tree of Indonesia is Teak Tectona.

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