What are the active trenches in the Philippines?


Which is the longest among these active trenches in the Philippines?

Philippine Trench

Also known as Mindanao Trench, this submarine trench is located in the Philippine Sea, spreads in a length of 1,320km and 30km width in the east of Philippines.

Is Manila Trench active?

The Manila Trench subduction zone is an active convergent plate margin between the South China Sea and the northern Philippines. The Manila Trench is associated with an east-dipping Benioff zone beneath Luzon, a well-developed forearc basin system and a volcanic arc.

What are the active faults and trenches in the Philippines?

There are five active fault lines in the country namely the Western Philippine Fault, the Eastern Philippine Fault, the South of Mindanao Fault, Central Philippine Fault and the Marikina/Valley Fault System.

Which among the following is the largest Gulf in the Philippines?

The Moro Gulf is the largest gulf in the Philippines. It located off the coast of Mindanao Island, and is part of the Celebes Sea. The gulf is one of the country’s tuna fishing grounds.

What are the active faults and trenches in Mindanao?

The active faults that affect Cotabato are M’lang fault, Makilala-Malungon fault, North Columbio fault, South Columbio fault, and the western extension of the Mindanao fault (Cotabato-Sindangan fault). “Cotabato Trench is also a major source of earthquakes which can affect the region.

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How likely is it that the Philippines could be hit by a tsunami?

In the area you have selected (Philippines) tsunami hazard is classified as high according to the information that is currently available. This means that there is more than a 40% chance of a potentially-damaging tsunami occurring in the next 50 years.