What are the major bodies of water in Southeast Asia?

What major bodies of water are in East Asia?

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  • Arctic Ocean.
  • Bering Sea.
  • Pacific Ocean.
  • Sea of Japan.
  • Yellow Sea.
  • Korea Strait.
  • East China Sea.
  • South China Sea.

What are the four main rivers of Southeast Asia where are they located?

Terms in this set (12) What are the four main rivers of the mainland region and how do they contribute to each region’s economic activities? The three longest rivers of the realm, Mekong, Red, and Irrawaddy, are located on the mainland and have their headwaters in the high elevations of Himalayan ranges of China.

What are the four major rivers of Southeast Asia?

What are the four major rivers in Southeast Asia? The Irrawaddy, Mekong, Chao Phraya, and Hong.

What are the two major lakes in Central Asia?

The largest water bodies of Central Asia are Aral Sea, and Issyk-kul Lake, Balkhash Lake (Table 1).

What is a body of water in North Asia?

North Asia is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to its north; by Eastern Europe to its west; by Central and East Asia to its south; and by the Pacific Ocean and North America to its east.

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North Asia
Romanization Severnaya Aziya

How many bodies of water are in Southeast Asia?

The Southeast Asian Waters consist of the China Sea, the Java Sea, the Sulu Sea, the Philippine Waters, the Celebes Sea, the Banda Sea, the Flores Sea, the Arafura Sea, the Timor Sea, and the Andaman Sea. The whole region comprises an area of 8.94 million square kilometres, which is 2.5 per cent.

What major bodies of water are found around China?

The four seas of China, the Bohai Sea, the Huanghai Sea, the East China Sea, and the South China Sea, occupy a total area of about 4.7 million sq. km, half of the area of Mainland China.