What are the symptoms of dengue in Philippines?

What are the warning signs of dengue?

Warning Signs*

  • Abdominal pain or tenderness.
  • Persistent vomiting.
  • Clinical fluid accumulation.
  • Mucosal bleed.
  • Lethargy or restlessness.
  • Liver enlargement > 2 cm.
  • Laboratory finding of increasing HCT concurrent with rapid decrease in platelet count.

What are the early signs and symptoms of dengue?

Warning signs of severe dengue fever — which is a life-threatening emergency — can develop quickly. The warning signs usually begin the first day or two after your fever goes away, and may include: Severe stomach pain.


  1. Headache.
  2. Muscle, bone or joint pain.
  3. Nausea.
  4. Vomiting.
  5. Pain behind the eyes.
  6. Swollen glands.
  7. Rash.

How long does it take for dengue symptoms to appear?

Dengue fever

Dengue causes flu-like symptoms and lasts for 2-7 days. Dengue fever usually occurs after an incubation period of 4-10 days after the bite of the infected mosquito.

WHO dengue warning signs and classification?

3) classify dengue according to levels of severity: dengue without warning signs; dengue with warning signs (abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, fluid accumulation, mucosal bleeding, lethargy, liver enlargement, increasing haematocrit with decreasing platelets); and severe dengue (dengue with severe plasma leakage, …

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What are the stages of dengue fever?

Dengue begins abruptly after a typical incubation period of 5–7 days, and the course follows 3 phases: febrile, critical, and convalescent.

Can I have dengue without fever?

An overwhelming 75 – 90% of patients acquire dengue fever without any symptoms, not even fever.

What is the best treatment for dengue fever?

There is no specific treatment for dengue fever. Fever reducers and pain killers can be taken to control the symptoms of muscle aches and pains, and fever. The best options to treat these symptoms are acetaminophen or paracetamol.

How do you know if you have been bitten by a dengue mosquito?

The most common symptoms are fever and one or more of the following:

  1. Headache.
  2. Eye pain (typically behind the eyes)
  3. Muscle, joint, or bone pain.
  4. Rash.
  5. Nausea and vomiting.
  6. Unusual bleeding (nose or gum bleed, small red spots under the skin, or unusual bruising)

Is one mosquito bite enough for dengue?

Importantly, one mosquito bite is sufficient enough to transmit the dengue virus and make you sick for days.

Can dengue be detected on first day of fever?

Molecular tests for dengue virus (PCR)—detect the presence of the virus itself; these tests can diagnose dengue fever up to 7 days after the onset of symptoms and can be used to determine which of the 4 different serotypes of dengue virus is causing the infection.