What do you wear to a Vietnamese tea ceremony?

What do guests wear to a Vietnamese tea ceremony?

The groom wears ao dai or a suit. Family and friends who carry red gift boxes also wears ao dai for the ladies and pants and a shirt for the men. The guests are also free to wear formal clothings or ao dai . The wedding date and time of the marriage ceremony is set on by the Buddhist monk or a fortune teller .

What color should you not wear to a Vietnamese wedding?

To a guest, when coming to join a Vietnamese traditional wedding, you should avoid these following colors. They are red, white and light pastel colors. The reason is just simple, you might look alike the bride. The most unique thing is the Vietnamese culture is that you can wear a black costume for a wedding.

What do you wear to a tea ceremony?

Clothing choice

In the case of tea ceremony, usually a plain or undecorated kimono is worn. Patterns are acceptable as long as the kimono is not flashy. For men, hakama are worn. White split-toe socks are worn by both men and women, and are taken off and changed out before heading into the tea ceremony room.

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What can I expect at a Vietnamese tea ceremony?

The couple will light candles and incense sticks and offer their respects to the altar. The best man will hold the tea tray while the tea will be poured by the maid of honour into teacups. The teacups will be carried by the couple and they will offer them to their family members.

Do guests bring gifts to Vietnamese engagement party?

The gifts include a tray of betel leaves and areca nuts, a tray of husband-wife cakes (also called banh phu the in Vietnamese), a tray of wine, a tray of tea, a tray of pig’s head or roasted pig, a tray of fruits, a tray of tobaccos, maybe added a tray of beer or other drinks or a tray of green rice flake cakes or pies …

Do you bring a gift to a tea ceremony?

Traditionally, gold accessories and jewelry are usually given to the bride by the elders from both sides of the family at the tea ceremony. … If you are invited to the tea ceremony, a piece of gold jewelry would be an ideal wedding gift choice for the couple.

How much money do you give at a Vietnamese wedding?

Vietnamese will not have a wedding registry. Checks or cash are much more appreciated as they will help pay for the wedding or help the couple get started with their new life’s journey. $100 per guest is recommended since food, drinks, and wedding venue rental alone would cost the couple that much.

What color should you not wear to a Chinese wedding?

The first is to avoid the colors red, black and white. White is always a no-no at weddings for anyone but the couple, but at a Chinese wedding you’ll want to also veto any clothing with red and black, too. Both white and black represent mourning in Chinese culture.

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How much do you give for tea ceremony?

Tea is offered individually by both the bride and groom. So each individual should receive a total of 2 cups. For example, the bride may serve one parent and the groom the other parent, and then they may switch so that both parents have received one cup of tea each from the bride and groom (two cups total).