What freshwater ecosystems can be found in the Philippines?

What are 3 main freshwater ecosystems?

There are three main types of freshwater biomes: ponds and lakes, streams and rivers, and wetlands.

What marine can be found in the Philippines?

Macro Critters, Turtles, Sharks and More in Puerto Galera

Marine life is in abundance here so you can also expect to also see turtles, schooling reef fish of jacks, snapper, groupers, trevally, barracuda, fairy basslets and trigger fish, moray eels and passing reef sharks.

What are the freshwater in the Philippines?

The Philippines has a rainfall of 2500 mm and freshwater resources consisting of surface inland waters (lakes, rivers, reservoirs and swamps) and groundwater. There are about 70 lakes in the country with an aggregate area of 200,000 hectares and 106,328 hectares of freshwater swamps.

Which terrestrial ecosystem is typical in the Philippines and most countries in Southeast Asia?

The Luzon Rain Forests [IM0123] ecoregion is rich in endemic species and also contains one of the largest populations of the Philippine eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi.

What is the current condition of the ecosystem in the Philippines?

The Philippines is suffering from degradation of the natural environment. It has fifty major rivers now polluted due to abuse and neglect. Approximately two-thirds of the country’s original mangroves have been lost. A hundred years ago, the Philippines had close to 22 million hectares of old growth forest.

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What are the main types of freshwater ecosystems?

The two major divisions of freshwater ecosystems are the lentic ecosystems and the lotic ecosystems. Lentic ecosystems are those whose water is still, and are made up of ponds, marshes, ditches, lakes and swamps. These ecosystems range in size from very small ponds or pools that may be temporary, to large lakes.

What are examples of freshwater ecosystems?

Freshwater ecosystems are a subset of Earth’s aquatic ecosystems. They include lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, springs, bogs, and wetlands.

What are the four main types of freshwater ecosystems?

Rivers, lakes, ponds and streams are the most common freshwater sources. Reservoirs, wetlands and groundwater sources are also considered freshwater ecosystems.