What happened to Google Play Card in Singapore?

Why is there no Google Play Card in Singapore?

As of December 1, 2020, Google Play gift cards will no longer be available for purchase in Singapore. … If your Google Play balance has been set as your primary payment method for subscriptions, please update your payment method to prevent any service disruptions.

Why is Google Play Card not available?

Check that your card address matches the address in Google Payments. If your credit card is registered to a different address that can cause the payment to be declined. Check the zip code matches your current address. Sign in to https://pay.google.com with your Google Account.

How can I get Google Play credit in Singapore?

To get started users simply download the app from Google Play. About once a week, users will get a notification on their phone that a short and relevant survey is ready. After setting up their account, users will receive Google Play credit for completing surveys and earn up to S$1.50 for every survey they take.

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Are Google Play cards still valid?

Once the value of the card is depleted, the card is no longer valid. However, we recommend keeping the gift card until you are certain that items purchased with the card will not need to be returned. We offer reloadable cards to corporate customers at OmniCard.com.

Where are Google Play cards sold?

If you want to buy in-store, here are the retailers that sell Google Play gift cards in a variety of denominations:

  • Walmart.
  • Walgreens.
  • Target.
  • Dollar General.
  • Kroger.
  • CVC Pharmacy.
  • 7 Eleven.
  • Best Buy.

Is Amazon gift card available in Singapore?

Amazon.sg Gift Cards are available in $20, $50, $100, $150, and $250 denominations at participating grocery, drug, and convenience stores throughout Singapore. At select stores you can also choose a variable denomination card, which can be loaded with any amount between $15 and $500.

How do I fix Google Play purchase unavailable?

Unavailable For This Purchase

  1. Purchases need to be made with the same Google Play ID (google account / gmail account) used to download our APP at the first time, make sure you are using same account.
  2. Make sure in-app purchase options are set correctly on your device.

What does it mean when it says your card is not supported?

There are different reasons why you may get this error when adding credit or buying a plan: Some debit cards require a PIN to be entered. In this case, you will need to use another card to make the purchase. Some cards have restrictions on cross-border usage.

How can I add money to Google Play?

Buy Play Credit with cash

  1. Open the Google Play app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions Payment methods Add a payment method. Buy Google Play Credit.
  4. Select an amount.
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. Select a store. …
  7. Tap Get payment code.
  8. At the convenience store, follow the instructions.
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How do I top up Google Play without a credit card?

How to Add a Payment Method to Google Play (How to Buy Apps without a Credit Card)

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Tap the 3-lines Menu button near the top left.
  3. Scroll down and select Account.
  4. Tap on Payment methods.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to add one of the various payment methods.

How do I top up my Google Play balance?


  1. Open the Google Pay app .
  2. Tap your profile icon on the top right of the home screen.
  3. Tap on your Google Pay balance.
  4. Tap +Add money.
  5. Enter the amount you want to add. Minimum amount is $10.
  6. Tap Next.
  7. Choose a bank account as your payment method. …
  8. Tap Add.

What countries have Google Play Points?

Google Play Points is available only in the US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It is now also being rolled out to Australia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. If you’re in any other country like India, you’ll have to wait for the program to be rolled out in your region.