What impact do you predict the Portuguese might have in South and Southeast Asia?

How did the Portuguese establish a strong presence in South and Southeast Asia?

They build outposts and/or conquered trading posts to control spice trade, conquered the people, befriended the locals and made alliances, established colonies, overtook local governments with their wealth and power. 3. The Portuguese did not attempt to conquer inland territory.

How did Portugal build empires in South and Southeast Asia?

How did Portugal build a trading empire in South and Southeast Asia? They seized the islands of Goa off the coast of India. … They dominated South Asia and the Portuguese were able to conquer other people. They would help defend and protect from other Europeans.

How did the Portuguese gain control of trade in Southeast Asia?

how did the portuguese gain control over asian trade? … rich islamic trading port that controlled the sea route linking india, southeast asia, and china. east indian port. portuguese killed all muslim inhabitants here.

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Why was Portugal able to be the first to gain a foothold in Asia?

The Portuguese ships were small in size and number, but the fire- power of their shipboard cannons was unmatched. In time, this superior firepower helped them win control of the rich Indian Ocean spice trade and build a trading empire in Asia.

Why was Portugal successful in Asia?

The Portuguese triumphed in the 16th century in Asia because of their superior naval and military technology combined with seemingly boundless aggression and a propensity for cruelty and violence. Without a doubt, the Indian Ocean was not exactly a peaceful region prior to the arrival of the Portuguese.

How did European nations build up their empires in South and Southeast Asia?

How did European nations build empires in South and Southeast Asia? They built strategic outposts to control the spice trade; established colonies; and with their wealth and power began to influence or even take over the local governments. … They perceived these empires as being stronger than their own forces.

How did Portugal build their empire?

Portugal’s colonial empire was the first established by a European power. It began in the fifteenth century when Portuguese kings sought trade routes to and from the East Indies. … In 711 the Moors—Muslims from North Africa—conquered much of the Iberian Peninsula (the territory now occupied by Portugal and Spain).

How did the Portuguese built a trade empire?


The Spanish and Portuguese were able to establish their large empires in Asia because they encountered virtually no resistance. … The Portuguese and Spanish established themselves by building forts and trading out of them.

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What steps did Portugal take to build a trading empire in Asia?

Portugal started a naval military campaign to establish a foothold in the southern Asian territory which was controlled by the Muslims. After they defeated Arab fleets and conquered the island of Goa they turned to the Indian mainland and secured more coastal territory and thus push back the Muslims to the north.

How did Portuguese control the spice trade?

How did the Portuguese control the spice trade? They did it by using their sea power to set up colonies, setting up the Dutch East India Company, and establishing permanent ties with locals. … They were not interested in any European trade items.

Why were the Portuguese able to dominate trade in the Indian Ocean?

11. Why were the Portuguese able to establish fortified bases in the Indian Ocean region so quickly and easily? their ships could outgun and outmaneuver competing naval forces, while their onboard cannons could devastate coastal fortifications. … List some ways the Portuguese tried to dominate Indian Ocean trade.