What is the biggest mosque in Malaysia?

Which mosque is the biggest?


Name Capacity City
Masjid al-Haram 4,000,000 Mecca
Al-Masjid an-Nabawi 1,500,000 Medina
Grand Jamia Mosque, Karachi 950,000 Karachi, Sindh
Imam Ali Shrine 800,000 Najaf

How many mosques are there in Malaysia?

The total number of mosques in Malaysia at present is around 6,077 which were based on the data obtained from Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) website.

Which is the richest mosque in the world?

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Construction cost 2 billion dirhams (US$545 million)
Capacity over 41000
Length 420 m (1,380 ft)

What is the third largest mosque in the world?

It houses the world’s tallest minaret and is the third-largest mosque in the world after the Great Mosque of Mecca and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi of Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Djamaa el Djazaïr
Status Complete
Type Mosque
Architectural style Islamic architecture, Modern architecture.
Location Algiers, Algeria

How many mosques are there in China?

Islam was developing fast during the Qing Dynasty and a lot of mosques were set up throughout the country. Nowadays there are about 20,000 mosques in China.

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