What is the date of Independence Day in Indonesia?


Is today an Indonesian Independence Day?

2021 Indonesia Independence Day Holiday

Indonesia’s Independence Day always falls on 17 August. This commemoration has been held since 1945, when Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta made the proclamation of Independence, as Japan was defeated by the United States in the same year.

Why do we celebrate Independence Day Indonesia?

The holiday celebrates Indonesia’s independence from Dutch colonial rule. The day is referred to by Indonesians as Tujuhbelas Agustus (17th of August) or Hari Merdeka (Independence Day).

What country has their independence Day today?

World National Days

15 August India Independence Day
15 August Republic of Korea Liberation Day
17 August Gabon Independence Day
17 August Indonesia Independence Day
19 August Afghanistan Independence Day

Which country celebrates independence Day on 17th August?

Indonesia Independence Day is the national holiday in Indonesia as it marks the anniversary of Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence on August 17, 1945.

When did Indonesia get freedom?

When Japan surrendered on 17 August 1945, the Indonesian leader, Sukarno, proclaimed the independence of Indonesia.

When did Indonesia became independent from the Dutch?

It took place between Indonesia’s declaration of independence in 1945 and the Netherlands’ recognition of Indonesia’s independence at the end of 1949.

Formation of the Republican government.

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Republic of Indonesia Republik Indonesia
Historical era Cold War
• Independence proclaimed 17 August 1945