What is the old education system in the Philippines?

What is the old system of education?

The old education system is basically focused on imparting knowledge through books and numbers. … The modern education system maintains the balance of theoretical and practical learning. In new schools, the emphasis remains on igniting the passion for practical learning and building the inquisitive thinking process.

What is the education system in Philippines before k 12?

Before K to 12, the Philippines had been one of only three remaining countries in the world–the other two being Djibouti and Angola–to have a 10-year basic education cycle. … Before World War II, the Philippines had an 11-year basic education cycle: grades 1 to 7 for elementary, and 4 years of high school.

What is the difference between old and new education system?

As mentioned above, in the traditional education the students are taught about traditions, customs, rituals, and religion. In the modern education, the students are taught about science, technology, language skills, and mathematics etc.

How is education now different from the past?

The major difference between the educations in the past with the education today is the use of technology. It was a difficult task to gain knowledge in the past but it is very easy to access and memorize knowledge today with the use of technology. Comprehensive and extensive learning was not easy before.

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What is meant by education system?

The educational system may be viewed as subsystem within social organisation of its own. It has a system of status and roles, a body of skills, values and traditions. Each schools and each classroom within the school forms an interacting group.

Is the Philippine educational system improving?

The Philippines has worked to make sure a greater number of children are attending school to positive effect. Between 2008 and 2015, the net enrolment rate rose from 88% to 95% in primary school, from 60% to 66% in secondary education and from 29% to 36% in tertiary education.

What are the best practices of the education system in the Philippines?


  • Teaching for Understanding. This effort encompasses activities oriented toward higher-order thinking skills. …
  • Use of Technology. …
  • Educating All Students. …
  • Integrated Services.

Which is older UST or USC?

University of San Carlos (USC)

Contrary to the position of the University of Santo Tomas, the University of San Carlos claims that it is older by 16 years by tracing its roots to the Colegio de San Ildefonso (established 1595).