What is the plan for Manila Bay?

Is Manila Bay sustainable?

The Manila Bay area is home to more than 25 million people and is at constant risk of severe impact by hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. … The sustainable development of Manila Bay is under pressure, especially given the expected growth of the population.

What is Manila Bay reclamation project?

The Manila Waterfront City is a reclamation project covering 318 hectares of foreshore and offshore areas in the south of Manila South Harbor to develop a new central business district, a gateway, a marina, a waterfront, and hubs for entertainment, health, and education.

What is the main problem of Manila Bay?

Major environmental problems identified in Manila Bay include: deterioration of water quality; coastal erosion and siltation; overexploitation of fishery resources; degradation of habitats; and loss of biodiversity.

What is the cause of Manila Bay?

Overexploitation of resources, illegal and destructive fishing, habitat destruction, pollution, siltation and sedimentation, uncontrolled development and the conflicting use of limited available resources cause pressures on the bay.

What is the quality of water in Manila Bay?

water column in all areas of the Bay exceeded recognized marine water quality criteria for a healthy ecosystem of 0.015 mg/L by almost twofold. The highest phosphate levels were found near Manila.

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What is the reclamation project?

Congress passed the Reclamation Act of June17, 1902. The Act required that water users repay construction costs from which they received benefits. In the jargon of that day, irrigation projects were known as “reclamation”projects. The concept was that irrigation would “reclaim” arid lands for human use.

What are the problems in Manila?

Metro Manila is facing many difficult challenges—including provision of public health services, housing, water, sewage services, garbage collection, transportation, and education—following a dramatic increase in population over the past two decades that has strained urban infrastructure.

Why is Manila Bay so polluted?

Manila Bay is a 60-km (37-mile) semi-enclosed estuary facing the South China Sea. Its waters are heavily polluted by oil, grease and trash from nearby residential areas and ports. … Fernando Hicap, president of fisherfolk group Pamalakaya, told Reuters that the pollution was killing fish stocks in the bay.