What is the similarities between Mexico and Philippines?

What countries are similar to the Philippines How are they similar?

Similar to Indonesia and Malaysia

Indonesia and Malaysia are the closest, although several Central American countries are in the top 10 as well. This is in part because Philippines was colonized by both Spain and later the United States, leading to its highly unique character.

Is Mexico more developed than Philippines?

Mexico with a GDP of $1.2T ranked the 15th largest economy in the world, while the Philippines ranked 40th with $330.9B.

Financial system and Human development.

Stat Mexico Philippines
Financial Freedom Index 60 60
Trade Freedom Index 87.6 81.6
Monetary Freedom Index 70.9 66.9
Government Spending Index 79.3 87.9

What is the similarities of Japan and Philippines?

Japanese and Filipinos for an example have similarities and differences in their culture. Both countries are known for being hospitable. They both respect each other’s culture. When it comes to food especially in presenting it, they both see to it that the food looks beautiful and appealing to the eye.

What does galleon trade mean?

A trade carried in Spanish ships, called Manila galleons, that regularly crossed the Pacific between Manila, in the Philippines, and Acapulco, New Spain (now Mexico), carrying luxury goods from East … From: Manila Galleon Trade in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History »

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What was the Spanish galleon trade?

The so-called Manila Galleon (“Nao de China” or “Nao de Acapulco”) brought porcelain, silk, ivory, spices, and myriad other exotic goods from China to Mexico in exchange for New World silver. (It is estimated that as much as one-third of the silver mined in New Spain and Peru went to the Far East.)