What is the tradition way of eating in Myanmar?

Do Burmese eat with their hands?

Normally, the Burmese use their bare hands to pick up food and feed themselves. As a result, they form a habit of cleaning their hands before eating for food hygiene reasons. Local people use the right hand to make a small rice ball with their fingertips only.

Could you tell me about eating customs of Myanmar?

Often Burmese and other ethnic food can be complicated and take many hours to prepare. … Myanmar people enjoy rice as their main food and it comprises about 75 percent of the diet. Rice is served with meat or fish, soup, salad and vegetables all cooked in their own ways, and some relishes to complement the meal.

What is considered rude in Myanmar?

It is considered rude to touch a person’s head, because it is the “highest” point of the body. It is also considered taboo to touch another’s feet, but worse still to point with the foot or sit with feet pointing at someone older, because the feet are considered the lowest.

Are Burmese rude?

Burmese are a very friendly and outgoing people, especially towards visitors. However it is considered improper to lose one’s temper or show much emotion in public. Some customs and traditions endure from the British colonial period.

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What do people of Myanmar eat?

Burmese typically dine at home where they eat rice, fish, chicken and vegetables flavored with ngapi (a pungent, dry, fermented fish or shrimp paste described by Rudyard Kipling as “fish pickled when it ought to have been buried long ago”).

What are the customs of Myanmar?

Men might exchange handshakes with each other, and women might shake hands with each other, but a man and a woman will rarely shake each other’s hand. Refrain from public displays of affection and do not touch anyone’s head. Both are considered improper. Avoid even casually touching people.

What do Burmese eat for breakfast?

Mohinga is the most popular and famous breakfast in Myanmar. It is served with the crispy fried bean fritters, boiled eggs, onions, the sliced tender core of banana-steam. You can add drops of lime juice, fish sauce, dry chili powder, coriander or beans if you like for your preferable taste.

What is Burmese food similar to?

It’s a style of cuisine heavily influenced by nearby nations but also very much its own thing. “Burmese food is heavily influenced by the neighboring cultures of India, China, and Thailand,” Myint says.