What the Filipino should know by Andres Bonifacio?

What are the contributions of Filipino thinkers Bonifacio?

Bonifacio is considered the “Father of the Philippine Revolution” after he spearheaded the establishment of the secret revolutionary movement “Katipunan” to fight Spanish colonization in 1892. The Bonifacio-led Katipuneros inspired many Filipinos and groups to launch a nationwide campaign to overthrow the colonizers.

What values can we learn from Andres Bonifacio’s Pag ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa?

Values we must learn from Andres Bonifacio

  • Optimistic Attitude and Strong Sense of Responsibility. Andres Bonifacio was barely fourteen years old when they were orphaned. …
  • Value for Work and Virtue of Not Wasting Time. …
  • Social Responsiveness. …
  • Patriotism and Love for his native language. …
  • Humility.

Who is Bonifacio and what are his contribution in the Philippine history?

Andres Bonifacio (1863-1897), a Filipino revolutionary hero, founded the Katipunan, a secret society which spearheaded the uprising against the Spanish and laid the groundwork for the first Philippine Republic. Andres Bonifacio was born in Tondo, Manila, on Nov. 30, 1863.

What are the contributions of Apolinario Mabini to the Philippine social thinking and philosophy during the Philippine revolution?

Apolinario Mabini (1864-1903) was a Filipino political philosopher and architect of the Philippine revolution. He formulated the principles of a democratic popular government, endowing the historical struggles of the Filipino people with a coherent ideological orientation.

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Was Andres Bonifacio the first Philippine president?

History. Andrés Bonifacio is considered by some historians to be the first president of the Philippines. He was the third Supreme President (Spanish: Presidente Supremo; Tagalog: Kataastaasang Pangulo) of the Katipunan secret society.