What type of convergent plate boundary is the Indonesian islands?

What type of plate boundary is the Indonesian island arc?

Studies of seismic and geologic profiles across the Sumatra, Java and Timor arc—trench systems reveal that large islands of the inner volcanic arc with silicic and intermediate volcanism, such as Java and Sumatra, were formed due to subduction of oceanic plate under a thick and old continental crust.

What type of plate boundary is common in Indonesia?

Jammed subduction zone

Indonesia sits along the “Pacific Ring of Fire” where several tectonic plates collide and many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur. Some of these earthquakes are very large, such as the magnitude 9.1 quake off the west coast of Sumatra that generated the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

What type of convergent boundary is the Caribbean islands?

The Caribbean Plate is a mostly oceanic tectonic plate underlying Central America and the Caribbean Sea off the north coast of South America.

Caribbean Plate
Approximate area 3,300,000 km2
Movement1 north-west
Speed1 10-11mm/year
Features Central America, Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles Caribbean Sea

How are the islands of Indonesia formed?

The Indonesian archipel- ago formed over the past 300 million years by reassembly of fragments rifted from the Gondwana supercontinent that arrived at the Eurasian subduction margin. The present-day geology of Indonesia is broadly the result of Cenozoic subduction and collision at this margin.

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Is Indonesia a convergent boundary?

Weak Tectono-Magmatic Relationships along an Obliquely Convergent Plate Boundary: Sumatra, Indonesia.

Is Indonesia a volcanic island arc?

The Indonesian region includes several volcanic island arcs that are highly active at the present day, and also contains a record of Cenozoic volcanic activity owing to subduction of oceanic lithosphere at the margins of SE Asia.

What type of convergent plate boundary is Indonesian island?

Indonesian and Philippine archipelagos are formed due to ocean-ocean convergence. In ocean-ocean convergence, the denser plate subducts into the asthenosphere. This region below the convergence zone is called the zone of subduction.

What plates were involved in the Indonesian earthquake?

The January 15 event was a shallow crustal earthquake at the boundary between the Sunda plate and the Banda Sea microplate at a focal depth of 18 km. The earthquake occurred along the Mamuju–Majene thrust fault, which is known to be an active seismic source that has caused several deadly earthquakes in the recent past.

What kind of plate boundary is found where the Caribbean and North American meet?

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Question Answer
18.What kind of plate boundary is found where the North American and the Caribbean plates meet? Transform boundary
19.Which layer of the earth is broken into several large tectonic plates? Lithosphere
20.Mid-ocean ridges are places where tectonic plates are doing what? Spreading apart