What type of lavender grows in the Philippines?

What is the most popular lavender to grow?

Great lavenders to grow

  • ‘Hidcote’ is one of the best known of all lavender varieties, for good reason. …
  • ‘Lady Ann’ is a compact variety of English lavender, growing to around 45cm in height. …
  • ‘Willow Vale’ is a vigorous variety of French lavender with gorgeous spikes of purple flowers.

What climate does lavender grow in?

Lavender originated in the Mediterranean climate, so most varieties will thrive in warm, dry, temperate weather (hardiness zones 7-9).

Can lavender live in hot weather?

Lavender (Lavandula) can grow year round in a hot and dry climate like southern California and the arid Southwest, or even arid West. Most of the 15 or so species don’t grow as well, nor are long-lived, in hot and humid climates such as the Southeast or Midwest.

Can you grow lavender in hot climates?

Climate. Lavenders thrive in warm, temperate climates, but also grow in cool and cold areas, depending on the variety. As natives of the Mediterranean, they ideally like their summers hot and dry, and winters cool.

Can lavender grow in cold climates?

Cold hardy lavender does actually exist. The English varieties can withstand temperatures of -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 C.) while the French can only withstand temperatures of 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 C.) or higher.

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