Where can I buy 2GO tickets in Manila?

How do I contact 2GO Travel?

For bookings and revalidation of tickets, you may contact 2GO Travel at:

  1. Hotline: (632) 8528 7000.
  2. Email: travel@2GO.com.ph.

How much is 2GO ticket from Manila to Cagayan?


Origin Destination Price
Manila Cagayan De Oro ₱1624
Manila Cagayan De Oro ₱1669+
Manila Cagayan De Oro ₱2112+
Manila Cagayan De Oro ₱2112+

What pier is 2GO Cebu?

Pier 6 – 2go Travel Cebu City, Cebu 3.8.

How long is 2GO from Batangas to Boracay?

The trip via 2GO Batangas to Caticlan travel time is around 9 hours.

What is the number of 2GO?

Call our Customer Service Hotline at 77-99-222 (Metro Manila) or 233-7136 (Cebu) to book your sea freight shipments today!

How can I book my car in 2GO Travel?

Step 1: Call our Customer Interaction Center and book your cargo. Step 2: Bring your vehicle to our Rolling Cargo Area in any of our ports of operations 48 hours before the vessel departure.

Is 2GO travel a travel agency?

2GO Travel is one of the largest premier sea travel providers in the Philippines. … 2GO Travel is an SM and Udenna-owned shipping line backed by over 148 years’ worth of combined history in the travel industry, making it a local leader in setting sea travel standards and trends.

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Is there a bus going to Cagayan Valley?

No, there is no direct bus from Metro Manila to Cagayan Valley. However, there are services departing from East Ave, Quezon City, Manila and arriving at Tuguegarao via Manila Cubao.

How can I book 2go cargo?

Book your packages or cargo online either using Day 136 services or containerized cargo. To book your cargo, please select the specific service and fill-up the form completely. Your booking will be sent to our Customer Service Representative who will confirm your booking information.