Where can I buy Dbtk in Philippines?

Is DBTK available on lazada?

The Best dbtk clothing at the Best Prices Online on Lazada Philippines. … Shopping for dbtk clothing at the best prices is not an understatement with numerous flash sales, free shipping, and other surprises that makes these wide assortments of products all the more appealing.

Is DBTK a Filipino brand?

GOMO blazes into 2021 with the launch of their special streetwear collaboration with fashion-forward Filipino brand Don’t Blame the Kids Apparel Co. or DBTK.

Why is DBTK expensive?

There are instances where some of their products are a bit pricey, and Vince Kids explained that there are reasons why this is so. It is most likely because of the complexity of the design and how it will be best executed because they do not want to produce a “half-baked” product.

Is DBTK a local brand?

4) Don’t Blame the Kids

Previously only an online store, DBTK opened its flagship store in Quezon City in 2014 and is now a go-to streetwear brand in Manila with stylish, youthful designs repping its message.

What brands are popular in Philippines?

The Philippines’ top 100: Consumption brands stumble

Brand 2019 2020
Samsung 1 1
Apple 2 3
Nestle 3 2
LG 4 4

What fabric does Dbtk use?

We started incorporating the usage of 100% cotton fabrics when we produce some of our tees.

How do I pay my Dbtk?

You can pay using your credit/debit card or GCASH. – Please take note of your order number. If you have more questions and concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our DBTK customer service. You may reach our customer service by sending us an email at dbtkcs@gmail.com.

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