Where does the Thai silk mostly produced?

Which country is famous for Thai silk?

The most respected reputation in silk production has been earned by Thailand, which is known for producing the finest silk in the world. Although other countries, such as Italy and China also produce silk, Thai silk is rather distinct and highly impressive.

What is the countries or places of Thai silk of Thailand?

The main region for silk weaving is northeastern Thailand (referred to as Esaan 1 by Thais) where small villages often produce their own silk and village women weave it into a lustrous fabric. The northern provinces of Chiang Mai and Lamphun also produce fine silk. Lamphun silk is often worn by the Thai royalty.

Where is Thai silk produced from?

Thai silk is produced from the cocoons of Thai silkworms. Thai weavers, mainly from the Khorat Plateau in the northeast region of Thailand, raise the caterpillars on a steady diet of mulberry leaves. Khorat is the center of the silk industry in Thailand and a steady supplier of rose Thai silk for many generations.

What is silk fabric in Thailand?

Thai Silk is purely the name given to any Silk manufactured in Thailand by native Thai Silkworms. … Silk fabric is created mainly by ‘Silkworm Moths’ called Bombyx Mori. These larvae are fed on Mulberry leaves to produce the only natural fibre that is a filament fibre.

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What fabric is found in Vietnam?

Vietnam is famous for basic cotton fabrics as well as special textiles, such as Shantung taffeta, Bengaline weave and Ebony satin. The latter ones are especially loved by the renowned luxury designers who use them to create their masterpieces.

What makes Thai silk different from other type of fabric available in our country?

It has tightness in its weave which adds to its uniqueness. Good quality Thai silk begins with a warp of 2,000 threads for a 1 meter width, which produces a very tightly woven fabric. Producers of substandard quality silk may use 1,800 threads in the warp (or even sometimes as low as 1,600) along with poor weft fabric.

What is authentic Thai silk fiber?

“Thai silk has triangular fibers that reflect light like prisms,” experts say. “It also has layers of protein, which gives it a natural sheen and makes it lustrous and smooth. Silk is an insect fiber and superior to any animal or plant fiber. Thai silk fiber is strong but lightweight; it is elastic but supple.”