Which Chinese dialect is closest to Vietnamese?

Is Chinese language similar to Vietnamese?

Different Dialects In Vietnamese And Chinese

The dialects are different in pronunciation and vocabulary, while they use the same writing system, which is Chữ Quốc Ngữ, the modern Vietnamese writing system. There are two main varieties in Chinese, traditional Chinese (aka Yue) and simplified Chinese (aka Mandarin).

Is Vietnamese closer to Cantonese or Mandarin?

In fact, there are a quite a few differences in pronunciation between the two. Q: Is Cantonese is closer to Vietnamese than Mandarin? A: Grammatically, that is absolutely untrue. … Again, pronunciation-wise since Vietnamese is tonal and have many Chinese loanwords, there might be some resemblance.

Which language is similar to Vietnamese?

Muong, a Mountainous Language in Vietnam

Muong is an Austroasiatic language spoken by the Muong ethnic group of Vietnam. It’s concentrated in the tribal households in the mountainous regions of Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa, and is very similar to Vietnamese, differing only perhaps in showing far less Chinese influence.

Is Vietnamese language similar to French?

Dialect characteristics

Vietnamese French is based on standard French, but contains words that have been influenced not only by Vietnamese but also by Chinese and English, the latter due to U.S. presence in the south during the Vietnam War.

Is Cambodian language similar to Vietnamese?

According to ethnologue, Vietnamese, Mon and Khmer belong to the same language family, viz. Austro-Asiatic.

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Are Cantonese and Vietnamese similar?

The biggest commonality between Cantonese and Vietnamese has to do with words with coda consonants in Sinitic, in which there were final -p and -t and -k as well as -m -n and -ŋ. Mandarin lost all of /p t k/ and also /m/. This makes Cantonese and Vietnamese sound more similar to each other as compared to Mandarin.